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Frequently Asked Questions:

So what do you do at a juggling club?
Juggle. Practice and Learning. Much juggling is cooperative and very social. Some have likened groups of jugglers to lots of kids who know how to play together.

How young (or old) can someone learn to juggle?
People have learned to juggle as young as 3 years old. Most people over the age of 10 can learn fairly easily with some practice. If a person is able to hold a ball in 1 hand, throw it up in the air and catch it with the other hand, they can be taught to juggle. Click here for class information.

Why do you juggle?
We juggle for the same reason others dance, swim, play chess, read a book, or travel to swap meets.  For most of us at our club, this is a hobby we do because it is fun and we enjoy it. For some of us it is a hobby that also provides some income.

Where can I purchase juggling props?
See the Vendors links in the Links Page.

Do I have to own props before I attend?
No, we are happy to share our props with newcomers as they learn. You will find however that you will want to purchase props soon so you can practice at home and learn much faster. Note, if you take the class, you are given 3 beanbags to start with.